A B O U T   U S

                      In a market where time and efficiency means everything, finding all the equipment and services needed to conduct an event means collecting them from different suppliers, that's why SVF Studio has come up with an integrated service package to save time for your event because we have the knowledge to organize any event, we want to relieve you of any care and to find the best solutions in this regard, so once you place the order and finish the contract form , you can relax about the other aspects of organizing your event because we take care of transport, installation, positioning, personnel, maintenance and dismantling, covering all aspects of a complete infrastructure.

                        When we say complete infrastructure we refer to professional sound services, video shooting, photography and studio, touring furniture, mobile bar, TV, candybar , videoprojectons , dj desk and various scaffolds for lights or other applications.

The provision of these services is our exclusive activity! This allowed us to channel ourselves to creating a major logistics infrastructure with a wide variety of products and services that can satisfy most of the events, whether concerts, conferences, corporate and private parties, baptism or wedding.



                        We have been able to understand your requirements, to define efficiently the logistics needed for any type of event according to its data, estimate the time required for transport, assembly, positioning or disassembly, as well as the fastest and most accurate way to assemble the services we offer. So we can respond promptly to any request, no matter how bold, anywhere in Romania.


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