Companies should not be limited to offering quality goods and services, they must inform consumers about the benefits of these goods and products. For this, companies need to use their proper tools in an appropriate way. Among the most important, being the tools of promoting advertising, promoting sales and public relations.

          Advertising can be defined as any form of presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services through the media (newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasting, television and internet services (websites) by a well-specified sponsor).

          Many organizations use advertising to convey to the public messages about themselves, their products and services, their behavior, in order to determine a specific response from them.

The answer can be perceptual in nature: for example, the consumer is making some opinions about a product or a brand, which can be changed with the help of the advertisement.

This response may be behavioral: for example, the consumer buys the product or increases the quantity purchased.

            Not only companies, but also social organizations and institutions such as philanthropic institutions, museums and religious / non-religious organizations that promote their ideas to the general public, are advertised. Advertising is a good way to inform and convince, with the aim to create preferences for a particular product or to motivate consumers to turn to another product.

         European Union countries spend about 45.4 billion euros annually for advertising. It is also predicted an increase in advertising spending in most European Union countries.

Henry Ford himself said: 'If I had 5 pencils and 10 dollars, with $ 8 I would advertise that I have pencils for sale and with the other $ 2 I would buy other pencils.'

          Today, everyone has heard, at least, the name 'Ford' ... Organizations can handle advertising in various ways. In small and medium-sized businesses, anyone in the commercial or marketing department can handle it. In the big companies there can be specialized departments, which have as attributions the establishment of the advertising budget, the collaboration with the specialized agencies and the carrying out of publicity actions, sales exhibitions and other adjacent forms.








                Logo creation services, design, corporate logos, visual identity elements, graphic elements, webdesign. Visual identity means building the image of the company and bringing together both the company logo, the associated symbols and the methods of use (dimensions, colors, positioning, fonts) adapted to produce other materials such as business cards, sheets with letterhead, envelopes, folders, CD-DVDs, all using a similar graphic style to ensure the unity of all elements and to maintain both the consistency and brand homogeneity.






              Concept, graphics and printing of materials, important communication and advertising tools: business cards, letterheads, presentation sheets, leaflets, brochures, catalogs. The display materials, whether business cards, flyers, folders, leaflets, brochures or presentation catalogs, that successfully promote the image of the company, its products and make an important contribution to increasing sales potential.




                 We implement online solutions and webdesign services: websites, graphics, vector graphics, 3D graphics, banners, interactive presentations. Webdesign involves creating a website (or website), starting with structuring the visual aspect of a site and integrating it into the image of the various graphical elements, continuing with the structuring of the content on the sections, programming and introducing the data that make up the content of the website and finalizing with the implementation of the website according to the accepted international web standards.




              Advertising graphics, press layouts, vector advertising graphics, advertising additions, graphic display stands, advertising graphics, product labels, graphics for presentation materials: catalogs, brochures, leaflets, folders.

                   Vector graphics have the great advantage of not losing quality when printed on large prints. Vector graphics generally serve to create logos and logos. It is also used as a starting point for 3D editing, as well as animations with web or multimedia applications.


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