The delivery time for audio transfer is up to 5 working days. We offer the storage of audio, and any subsequent request can be honored for a fee.


                   We receive audio and express mail, and the resulting audio CDs are also shipped with a pay-as-you-go courier. Carriage charges are borne by customers.

The format of the captured material is at your choice: mp3 or audio





                      To get the best service for your event do not hesitate to contact us at the CONTACT category to arrange a meeting with one of our specialists in event planning and make your event a pleasure!




                            In our studios we can make audio recordings with experienced people. The sound engineer and professional studio instructors you will work with are experienced musicians and sound artists.

                            We are at your disposal with everything you need to get the sound you are looking for.



Here are some types of services we can offer:


- recordings of bands, children, artists, soloists, etc.

- recordings of radio and TV commercials

- music audio recordings

- audiobook recordings

- audio dubbing in Romanian or any language

- musical composition

- masterization

- mixing


Audio caption:


- Capture and convert audio from tape, vinyl or tape recorder to CD or mp3

- audio capture, audio conversion, audio transfer from cassette, tape recorder, pickup on cd.

- Convert audio from cassettes, tape tapes, or vinyl discs to audio or MP3 CDs with digital quality digital noise filtering.

- Converting audio to CD in wav or mp3 format is stereo with dedicated audio editing programs.

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