If you are planning a product launch for your customers, or a conference for employees, various symposiums, etc, we are at your disposal.

                 We rent furniture for various events, we offer a wide range of products from which you can choose the product you need for your event.


     For presentations requiring more pretentious arrangements, we are at your disposal with special DJ stands that will give you a touch of class for your event.


             We provide easy-to-fit sofas and can be placed at any type of event with the option of selecting the color of the housings. For more details about transport and logistics, do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists.


The mobile-style TV is a very useful solution for small-sized presentations where large screens are not required.


                    For presentations that require a high display surface, we can provide you with our high quality video projectors and also with the proper technical supervision.




               We offer you the mobile bar, easy to carry and easy to install, quickly and efficiently, with the close supervision of one of our experts, the offers being varied, depending on your preferences, by providing professional technicians and bartenders.

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