Light is the stimulus that acts on the retina in the eye to produce a visual sensation. From a physical point of view, light is an electromagnetic radiation; to be perceived by humans, it must have certain characteristics: the frequency must be between the limits of the visual sensitivity of the photosensitive receptors in the retina and the intensity must exceed their sensitivity threshold. In the broad sense, the term "light" can also be used for electromagnetic radiation invisible to humans, such as infrared or ultraviolet light. The light and temperature are part of the ecological factors.

                      In the entertainment industry, it has made its appearance through the invention of artificial lighting devices designed to support all sectors of activity in the field, and with the help of advanced research in the field of technology and being in constant development, these devices have experienced a fulminating evolution, especially over the last 20 years.




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D R Y    I C E


L I G H T      S H O W S

                         The carbon ice machine emits harmless white smoke that will create a layer of fog that stays at your feet while dancing or serving the cake. Heavy smoke is used in the entertainment industry.


                         One special effect is represented by Confetti, these are  the round pieces of paper of different colors, spreading to balls and parties over the participants.


                         The importance of a light engineer for a complex event requiring a rich infrastructure is crucial to creating a special show




                         A great effect that relaxes the atmosphere at any pool party, stadium or outdoor location



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