Cassette Transfer:


              We can convert video cassettes to dvd, capture video to any type of video (PAL, NTSC, SECAM) on DVD


- We offer improved video editing and editing

- We use professional SONY equipment

- We transfer any type of video: VHS analog video cassettes, analog or digital NTSC video cassettes, beta tapes, DVCAM, HDV, miniDV, HI8.

- Capture video on tape includes DVD transfer, dvd color authoring, dvd authoring. Catches can be copied free of charge on external storage.

- We also make video editing for captured or captured material.



                      We produce proffesional video editing for presentation clips, spots, television productions and video footages from  vacations, teambuildings, parties, according to customer's specifications.


Studio film services:


- Green-screen shooting

- Filming on different backgrounds (white, black, gray)

- Scenario building.

- Cinematographic production

Featured video editing services:


- Mounting materials with cuts, transitions, sound corrections and images from any video format (HD, SD, PAL / NTSC)

- Change or add sound background

- Add subtitles, texts or effects

- Image Improvement

- Frame stop, image acceleration, slow motion, printscreens from shooting

- Apply filters to correct and accentuate certain technical and artistic aspects (color balance, brightness, noise reduction, contrast, etc.)

- Synchronize scenes or movies from multiple camcorders on timeline

- Final clip rendering and custom dvd or bluray writing

           To get the best service for your event do not hesitate to contact us at the CONTACT category to arrange a meeting with one of our specialists in event planning and make your event a pleasure!



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